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Why Equity

Investing for Wealth Creation

This involves investment in equity according to your risk appetite using certain risk management techniques to safeguard your investments. We follow the philosophy of value investing wherein we seek stocks for long-term. We rely on the power of compounding to proliferate your money, helping you beat the market. To safeguard against a falling market, we use the Nifty-50 Market neutral which is a strategy where we use derivatives to hedge your risks.

  • Seek the stocks for long-term
  • Rely on the power of compounding
  • Use of the Nifty-50 Market neutral
Be an Investor

Trading for Income Generation

For those who believe in smart trading and need superior returns, we offer many strategies using derivatives and forecasting to bring back-tested trades which offer market-beating returns along with professional risk management techniques. Pair-trading and Options trading are the strategies that we use on our trading clients’ portfolios to get maximum returns with only a slight risk.

  • Market-beating returns
  • Professional risk management techniques
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Value Investing - a high return philosophy for the long term

The big guns of the financial world have always spoken about ‘Value Investing’ as being the underlying philosophy that has led to their success. We at InvestKeen, actively follow this belief and use this for all our equity investments. Simply put, ‘Value Investing’ involves an in-depth analysis of the economy, industry and the company to identify value-buys from each industry to which we stick in the long term for it to bear fruit. Promising industries are chosen based on factors like sector growth, market size and entry barriers whereas companies are chosen on the basis of their competitive advantages, management policies and corporate governance. Staying long-term in these stocks will help our investments consistently beat the market using the power of compounding.

Nifty 50 Market Neutral - Safe & Secure returns even when the market is down

Nifty 50 Market Neutral is a simple yet powerful investing strategy designed especially for conservative investors. Its USP is that it almost neutralizes the market risk, helping investors gain consistent returns irrespective of the market going bullish or bearish. This means that the strategy will not only protect investors against a market crash but might fetch them positive returns in the process as well. Another big advantage is that this strategy provides investors 100% liquidity which means that they can pull out their money anytime they want with hardly any downside.

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Pair trading strategy - Buying one and selling one was never so profitable

It is a one of a kind market neutral strategy. This product is used by us to nullify all the major risks of investing in the stock market i.e. industry, market and company risk. We choose two large cap companies from the same industry and aim at maximizing returns through shorting and purchasing stocks using statistical arbitrage. We have a track record of generating 60%-70% returns through a high risk leverage trading approach.

Nifty Option Arbitrage - Predicting the future

This is a one of a kind market neutral strategy whose performance does not depend on market movements. This strategy is based on artificial intelligence capabilities which have shown an accuracy of more than 90% while forecasting the NIFTY range and the Volatility range.

These are the 2 most important factors while creating a winning option strategy.

We follow the strategy of placing low frequency trades on Nifty options with pre-defined maximum risk and squeeze out opportunities before market factors the option pricing hence maximizing returns. By taking a 2% risk we look to earn 3% returns every month. We provide these returns with a success rate of 90%.

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Currency Hedging

Currency Hedging - A one stop solution to exporting and importing woes

Currency hedging is a strategy to protect exporters and importers from the fluctuation in the currency market. The time difference between export/import and the realisation of payment plays an important role in the amount of profit generated.

It helps exporters and importers by removing the uncertainty associated with foreign exchange transactions. The desired rate of exchange the exporters and importers need, can be protected and ensured. It helps both the entities make better decision in terms of realising profits, focusing more on core competencies and reducing stress

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About Us

InvestKeen Capital is a boutique managed accounts company with wide expertise in equity investments and risk management services. Our team of research analysts and traders help our clients with managing their portfolio whilst maximizing returns.

Founded by Mr. Kundan Kishore, an investment banker with a decade of experience in global corporations like Morgan Stanley and Barclay Capital.

We hold a solid growth history and have Aditya Birla Money as a partner.




COO at Sagacious Research

InvestKeen Capital is being led by Kundan. He has the aptitude for understanding what the client wants and has clear idea of what is needed to be done. Kundan has expertly filled the role of managing my investments over the last couple of years and I really like his ability to get people on board with his brilliant (and must say profitable) ideas. As an investment guy and also as a human being, he has my highest recommendations

Manoj Chandra

Manoj Chandra

Business Coach

Kundan is one of the few people from the investment community who have the ability to inspire confidence and trust in them. He has deep understanding of the equity market and provides deep analytical advice which actually works towards growing your money. Kundan is a great guide & trainer and actually provides real handholding and learning towards improving your understanding of the financial markets & ecosystem. I have gained immensely with his knowledge and guidance.

Ashish Kaushik

Ashish Kaushik

Co founder at regrob.com

It's rare when you meet a wealth consultant who is ethical, honest and makes money for you.
I recommend Kundan as a very practical wealth consultant with sound valuation approach and highly effective capital advisory. We are at peace and happy since he has started managing our company's capital.



CTO & Co-founder at CBREX-AI Driven Recruiter Exchangeh

Kundan is a calculated risk-taker. He has an uncanny way of determining what the target market needs and has the capability of tweaking his marketing modules accordingly. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, he can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. Kundan has a well-deserved reputation as someone who is diligent and personable – two qualities that define him completely. Kundan makes things happen! His ability to listen and understand his clients' needs allows him to consult effectively. He leads by example and is a trusted colleague.


Computer Scientist at Adobe

COO at Sagacious Research

I have been associated with Kundan at BITS. He is a versatile personality and a true leader. He is proactive mentor whom you can totally rely on. There are people who do not push too much but are always at the front in a race, Kundan is one of this rare breed.

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